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Fittings on this page are used unless stated otherwise. They are for sale as is,
and except where stated otherwise are available world-wide. Prices are in Australian dollars.

Please note that while most of these items are held by Wooden Boat Fittings, some are listed on consignment on behalf of other owners.
Our own items are fit for their intended purpose, and are accurately described in the text and photographs.
Items on consignment are listed in good faith, and their description is warranted accurate by the owner.
In the unlikely event that a dispute arises over a transaction between a consignment seller and a buyer,
we hope it is clear that Wooden Boat Fittings can accept no liability on behalf of either party.

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Updated 10 September 2020



Lot 19 -- Stainless steel eye-bolts

Shank length 6", plus 1" ID welded eye. Made from 3/8" stock, with an external thread. These are new fittings.

Sale price -- $5.00 each

Lot 23 -- Single becketed block

Stainless steel Ronstan brand single becketed block. Sheave dia. 1 3/4". This is a used fitting in first-rate order.

Sale price -- $30.00.

Lot 24 -- Single swivel block

Stainless stell Hilite swivel single block. Sheave dia. 1 3/4". This is a used fitting in working order, but needs some cleaning.

Sale price -- $15.00.

Lot 25 -- Three small single blocks

Set of three stainless steel Riley blocks with 1" sheaves. Used and with some paint stains, but all in working order.

Sale price -- $5.00 each or $12.50 the set.

Lot 33 -- Copper square-shank flat-head nails

2 1/2" long x 8 gauge. 19 nails only.
Manufacturer Otter Nails.
These are new items

Sale price -- $5 the lot.

Lot 34 -- Copper square-shank flat-head nails

1 1/2" long x 10 gauge. Approx. 4.75 kg.
Manufacturer Otter Nails.
These are new items

Sale price -- $55.00/kg pro rata down to 200 pieces, and 25 cents each for smaller quantities.

Lot 38 -- Copper roves

5/8" dia x 13 gauge. 110 roves altogether.
Manufacturer Otter Nails.
These are new items.

Sale price -- $15.00 the lot.

Lot 40 -- Fluke anchor

Fluke anchor with tripping ring, galvanised.

Length of stock 22", width across palms 9", weight 7 lb.

Sale price -- $25.00.

Lot 50 -- Pulpit

Stainless steel pulpit, with built-in 12v port/starboard navigation lights. Size 8' x 4'-9" x 2'-3" high. Suit vessel from 20' LOA.
Pick up from South Gippsland, Victoria.

Sale price -- $150.00

Lot 51 -- Bumkin

Stainless steel bumkin, complete with transom-mounting brackets
and chain bobstays. 2'-9" long x 3'-5" wide. Suit vessel from 20' LOA.
Pick up from South Gippsland, Victoria.

Sale price -- $75.00

Lot 56 -- Stemhead fitting

Stainless steel stemhead fitting to fit a 5" sq stem, tapering down
to 3 3/4" over a 4" depth. The front face continues as a tang for a further 8 1/2" down the face of the stem. Made from 3/16" and 1/4" plate, it carries a 2 1/2" flange with three holes for forestay and other connections. It attaches using 4 no. SS coach bolts, supplied.

Sale price -- $100.00

Lot 57 -- Chainplates

Assorted stainless steel chainplates and other shroud fittings. Chainplates are 22" long x 2" wide, and 3/8" thick.

Sale price -- $55.00 the lot

Lot 58 -- Mast step

Stainless steel mast step for deck mounting. Dimensions 15 1/2" x 6 3/4", made from 7/32" and 3/16" plate. Weight 9 lb. Mounted through deck with 6 no. machine bolts (supplied). Carries a 12" flange 2" high, with 5 no. holes for through-mast bolting, allowing the mast to be moved forward or aft to adjust rake or sail balance.

Sale price -- $45.00

Lot 66 -- Deckhead or bulkhead light fitting

Stainless flush light fitting with prismatic glass lens. Overall dia. 7", lens dia. 4 1/2". Wired for 12v, SBC globe-holder, switch, and complete with LED globe. This is a top-quality nickel and glass fitting, not plastic. (Note -- the composite photo shows the fitting assembled and disassembled. There is only one fitting.)

Sale price -- $30.00

Lot 67 -- Fluorescent light fitting

Switched 12v plastic wall or ceiling light, holding 2 no. 11" fluorescent tubes, and with diffusing plastic cover. Overall size 14 1/2" x 2 3/4".

Sale price -- $20.00

Lot 68 -- Horn cleats

Three black nylon horn cleats, 5" long across horns.

Sale price -- $12.00 the lot.

Lot 69 -- Bow shackles

Two bow shackles, 3" long x 3/8" dia., 1 1/2" internal opening, galvanised

Sale price -- $12.00 the lot.